Eric and Doris Hassell opened this business in 1955. Both have since passed on, but we work to keep their values and traditions intact.

Raymond Hassell spent his teen years working here and returned full time after finishing serving our armed forces during the Vietnam War.

Evelyn Hassell has helped in many ways behind the scenes. Besides being a wife to Ray and mother to Barbara, Donna and Tami, she has always provided that type of moral support that every business needs.

Donna Hassell also spent many teen hours working here. She came on board full-time after graduating from East Providence High School in 1988 and is currently co-owner with her dad, Ray.

Barbara and Tami Hassell also spent many hours working here but chose other lines of work to complement their lives. Barbara can often be found helping in the office.

To add even more family to our business, you will most likely see Ray and Lynn's grandchildren around the shop.


Aaron, Junior, Rachel, Malik, Brandon, and Kevin complement our team, and we look forward to working with them for many more years to come.

Hassells Garage


After more than 5 decades of providing full-service gasoline and diesel, we came to the conclusion that this phase of our business was expiring. By law, the age of our tanks required them to be replaced with newer version tanks. While the underground tanks we currently had passed all tests, it is a law that applies to every underground tank.

The cost factor in removing and replacing the tanks no longer makes financial sense, which was the main factor in our decision to pull them out instead of replacing them. We thank you for your years of loyalty, and we look forward to seeing you as we continue to run the full-service repair garage.

Hassells Garage